Bangor Bakehouse is a micro-bakery in the heart of Bangor. We make and deliver special breads – including real sourdough – and sweet bakes for local customers. We use simple ingredients and traditional processes to produce high-quality food.


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Our breads and sweet bakes are lovingly made and delivered fresh. They taste great. The sourdough loaves are crafted over two days using an everlasting wild yeast culture known as a starter. The Bangor Bakehouse starter began its life in 2016 but we hope it will be with us for years to come.

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We like to be connected to our customers. We like to see high-quality food being made and sold locally. We aim to have good work to do, but want to do it in Bangor where we can give back to the local economy.


We use no preservatives or additives besides small amounts of salt in our breads and baking soda or baking powder in our sweet bakes. The longer fermentation process involved in sourdough baking means that the bread is more digestible in our bodies. If you are worried about how much bread you eat, eat less of better.

Our products

Our breads are baked on the day of delivery. They should be kept in their paper bag in a bread-bin, or they can be frozen if necessary. They stay fresh for a number of days and, after that, still make excellent toast. Sweet bakes generally will last well for a week in an airtight container.

For a full list of ingredients see Allergen Alert


White Sourdough Loaf

Large loaf (800g) for £3.00 and a smaller version (500g) for £2.50

There is nothing quite like sourdough. Wild yeast culture, white wheat flour, a little rye flour, and water ferment over two days to give a distinct flavour and texture. This loaf is a treat when fresh. It will generally last for a week and is delicious toasted. V, Vg


Long Whole Loaf

Large loaf (800g) for £3.00 and a smaller version (500g) for £2.50

Named after the Long Hole Harbour in Bangor this loaf is similar to the White Sourdough except with just over 10% wholemeal wheat flour used. V, Vg


Wholemeal Wheat Sourdough Loaf with Sesame Seeds on top

Medium sized loaf (700g) for £3.00

With 50% wholemeal wheat flour used this loaf has an earthier flavour, darker colour, and is a little denser . Wholemeal flour contains all the nutrition of the original wheat seed. V, Vg


2017-09-15 13.57.18
Seedcliff Loaf    

Medium Loaf (750g) for £3.50

Named after Seacliff Rd in Bangor (near Bangor Bakehouse) it includes soaked linseeds, toasted sesame and sunflower seeds mixed with white wheat flour and a little wholemeal Rye in an overnight sourdough mix. V, Vg


German Rye

Small loaf (500g) for £2.50

This is the real deal. 100% wholemeal rye sourdough. A delicious, dense  loaf with extra crunch from sunflower seeds. V, Vg


rey breads
Danish Rye

Small loaf (500g) for £2.70

100% wholemeal rye sourdough. Darker than the German Rye because of black treacle which compliments the rye flavour exquisitely. Sunflowers give crunch inside, decorated with pumpkin seeds on top. V, Vg


Beetroot Rye
Beetroot Rye with Chia Seeds

Small loaf (500g) for £2.70

100% wholemeal rye sourdough. Sunflower seeds and fresh, grated beetroot inside with Chia seeds sprinkled on top. V, Vg


Sourdough Pizza Dough

350g of dough (enough for a medium-sized pizza) for £1:00!

This is not a pre-cooked pizza base. The raw dough contains Bangor Bakehouse starter, white wheat flour, and a little wholemeal wheat flour for nutritional value. Put it in the fridge as soon as you get it. Remove dough when required, divide it (if more than one pizza required), shape it, and leave it covered with a clean tea-towel for approximately 45 mins at 21 celcius. Dip both sides of dough in a little flour before stretching and rolling.  Can be stored in the fridge for a few days or stored for longer in the freezer (thaw fully before use). V, Vg

Sweet bakes:

  • Ginger Cake

370g cake for £3.00

Spongy, moist, and warmly spicy.  Keeps well. V



  • Swedish Apple Cake

£3:00 for medium sized cake

Cinnamon and apple blend with subtle hints of cardamom. This is an autumnal treat you’ll love. V

swedish apple cake




  • Baked Sourdough Doughnuts

£0.75 each, £3 for 4, £1.50 for 2 (minimum order is 2)

Squidgy baked doughnuts with a raspberry and grapefruit glaze. Best eaten fresh. V



  • Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Brioche

A sumptuous yet subtly sweet brioche loaf that can be eaten fresh, toasted, or frozen for later  V

Brioche 2



Please watch out for  seasonal additions to our range

V = Suitable for vegetarians

Vg = Suitable for Vegan

Our suppliers

We use ingredients sourced from suppliers we can trust. For a full list of ingredients see  Allergen Alert

Our wheat flour supplier is Andrews Flour in Belfast, Northern Ireland’s last remaining independent mill.

Our rye flour is organic and is supplied by  Doves Farm Foods Ltd in Berkshire England.


Allergen Alert/Ingredients

*Please be aware that none of our products have been made in a nut free kitchen.

Below is a list of ingredients so you can be aware of any allergens present.


White Sourdough Loaf (contains gluten): White wheat flour, wholemeal rye flour, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water), fine sea salt, water

The Long Whole Loaf (contains gluten): wholemeal wheat flour, white wheat flour, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water), fine sea salt, water

Wholemeal Wheat Loaf with Sesame Seeds on top (contains gluten and sesame seeds): 50% wholemeal wheat flour, 50% white wheat flour, sesame seeds, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water), fine sea salt, water

The Seedcliff Loaf (contains gluten, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds): 10% wholemeal rye flour, 90% white wheat flour, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water), fine sea salt, water, linseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds

German Rye (contains gluten and sunflower seeds):  rye flour, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water),  fine sea salt, water, sunflower seeds

Danish Rye (contains gluten and sunflower seeds):  rye flour, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water),  fine sea salt, water, black treacle, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

Beetroot Rye (contains gluten and sunflower seeds): rye flour, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water), fine sea salt, water,  sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, fresh beetroot

Sourdough Pizza Dough (contains wheat and gluten): white wheat flour, wholemeal wheat flour, water, wild yeast culture (made with rye flour and water), fine sea salt

*Please note that corn meal is used on the bread pans to stop the loaves sticking

Sweet Bakes:

Ginger Cake (contains gluten, eggs, and dairy): golden syrup, black treacle, ground cinnamon, ground ginger, cow’s milk, eggs, bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), plain wheat flour (contains gluten), muscovado sugar, unsalted butter

Swedish Apple Cake (contains gluten, wheat, eggs, and dairy): white wheat flour, unsalted butter, milk, caster sugar, apple, demerara sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, eggs, baking powder, vanilla essence

Baked Sourdough Doughnuts (contains gluten, eggs, and dairy): plain wheat flour (contains gluten), golden caster sugar, unsalted butter, eggs, vanilla extract, salt, cow’s whole milk. Raspberry and grapefruit glaze: raspberries, red grapefruit (freshly squeezed juice), icing sugar. Salted caramel glaze: caster sugar, double cream (dairy), salt.

Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Brioche (contains gluten , eggs, and dairy): wheat flour, unsalted butter (dairy), honey, dried cranberries, dark chocolate, eggs, salt, yeast, water.



How to order

Email or text Craig  and he will get back to you as soon as possible Contact us

For Bangor and Crawfordsburn customers (Friday delivery):

Orders should be placed by Wednesday evening so that the fermenting process can be started on Thursday morning. Regular customers receive a reminder text on Wednesday mornings. Deliveries will be made on Fridays 3:30-6:30. Please let Craig know if you have any specific drop-off instructions.

Payment is usually cash on delivery, but other arrangements can be made if requested.

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