The Reason Rye

Rye is a remarkable grass. Able to grow in poorer soils and cooler climates than its cousin wheat, it is suited to the northern parts of Europe (including Ireland) and rye bread is still very much enjoyed in parts of Germany and Scandinavia. Real rye bread has a distinctive, tangy flavour and a dense crumb (as it is low in gluten).

Wholemeal rye flour contains high levels of bran and minerals as well as fermentable sugars making it good for both sourdough bread making and human health. It is an important part of life at Bangor Bakehouse as we feed our sourdough starter with it and, therefore, it’s in nearly all our bread. It is also used in small amounts to add more interest and complexity to the final flavour of some wheat flour loaves. If you want the real deal then try our 100% wholemeal rye sourdough loaves, our take on what have been traditional favourites in Northern Europe for centuries.

rey breads


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