good food

Our breads and sweet bakes are lovingly made and delivered fresh. They taste great. The sourdough loaves are crafted over two days using an everlasting wild yeast culture known as a starter. The Bangor Bakehouse starter began its life in 2016 but we hope it will be with us for years to come.

local economy

We like to be connected to our customers. We like to see high-quality food being made and sold locally. We aim to have good work to do, but want to do it in Bangor where we can give back to the local economy.


We use no preservatives or additives besides small amounts of salt in our breads and baking soda or baking powder in our sweet bakes. The longer fermentation process involved in sourdough baking means that the bread is more digestible in our bodies. If you are worried about how much bread you eat, eat less of better.